welcome to the big horn river


Legends about the Big Horn, well most of them are true,

maybe getting bigger as they are told but none the less 

there still legends. 

The Big Horn river flows out of Yellowtail Dam at the base 

of the Big Horn mountains, flowing at an average temperature, 

the cool clear water creates a perfect habitat for trout.

The abundant insect life and underwater structure grows 

some of the biggest rainbow and brown trout in the lower 48


The river makes it's way trough the valley in the Crow Reservation,

keeping the river in a natural scenic state, which makes your 

fishing experience even better. whether you are floating down

the river with a guide, your own drift boat, or just wading it is a trip

you will always remember.

After our first trip to the Big Horn over a dozen years ago 

we fell in love with the area and in 2000 moved to 

the Big Horn. In the spring of 2002 we opened the Absaraka 

(meaning "home of the Crow") Cabins where people could enjoy 

a clean and quiet surrounding and have a choice of preparing their 

own meals or dining in town.

Come to the Absaraka and Zoe and Dave will give you a

great welcome and will help you with any of your needs

from guides to rental boats, hatches going on, or just

"fish talk".

Call us for a great trip on the Big Horn

1 406 666-2304